International car rental

Touring Rent Auto has included in the abroad rent-a-car program a car booking system meant to help you customize your transportation needs. By filling-in the booking form for abroad rent-a-car, you will quickly receive an approximate calculation of the transportation cost. By taking just a few steps, you may book your favourite car for your vacation trips.

International car rental in online system

It is unpleasant to be in vacation in a foreign city and miss important tourist spots for not having a personal car to move fast from one spot to another, and days go by so quickly. In such cases, a car rented for the period of your stay  may save you and help you travel fast and relaxed from one city corner to another. By booking a car abroad in online system from Touring Rent Auto, in just a few steps, you will obtain information about the types of cars to rent, about the availability of the cars to rent, their facilities, the services included in the price as well as about a series of additional fees to be paid. After taking all these simple steps, all you have to do is to calmly go on holiday, having the certainty that the rented car is waiting for you at your destination and it will guide you in the best conditions wherever you will wish!

International car rental useful information

It is important to know that the car booking service within the abroad rent-a-car service must be requested with a few days before departure, and that the maximum renting period is 28 days. However, in case you wish to book at short notice, it is recommended that you directly contact one of Touring Rent Auto agents. We invite you to fill-in the renting form of the home page and you will be supplied with important details about the transportation services that you may benefit from. For a customized offer within the abroad rent-a-car program, please contact us.