Long-term rent-a-car advantages

Long-term rent-a-car is a service that Touring Rent Auto provides to its clients and that consists of a monthly fixed instalment that the client will pay for his favourite cars, based on an estimate of the number of kilometres within a period of time.

It is also important to specify that this service may be contracted without any advance payment. For it is primarily an alternative to operational leasing, long-term rent-a-car allows for using different types of cars. More than that, this service also includes car maintenance, Casco insurance or civil liability insurance and car replacement in case it fails.

Long-term rent-a-car advantages

Easier management of the transportation cost. For any business, the transportation cost is one the biggest issues in the company’s accountancy. The cars are an extremely important resource for most of the companies, maybe even the main resource, without which the company could not operate. However, a car is also a consumable resource that, once used as company capital, it depreciates in time with the wear and tear degree. And because each and every car comes with certain maintenance costs beyond the initial cost, our view is that for many businesses renting one or more cars may be the best solution.

Non-stop dispatch and road assistance. In case of any problem with the rented car, Touring Rent Auto makes available to its clients a dispatch service that is ready to provide professional consultancy 24/24 h. This service is as appropriate as it can be for companies operating in the night time, due to unforeseen issues are immediately solved by the company. Note that this service is exclusively available in the Romanian territory.

Other advantages for long-term rent-a-car

– The leasing instalments are completely deducted in the accountancy.

– In case of traffic accident or technical failures, the car is replaced.

– The prices are negotiable and may cover a series of other services, such as the insurance or the technical maintenance.

– The contracts could be automatically terminated.

– The offers could be tailored to your needs.

For more details about this service, we invite you to visit the page long-term car rental from Touring Rent Auto.