More about Touring services

Active in the Romanian market as far back as 2001, Touring Rent Auto endeavoured to offer its customers full professional rent-a-car services, and this firstly arises from the manifold options that it added to its portfolio. All this time, Touring sought to cover a range of needs as varied as possible in the field of passengers transportation, and it tried  to deliver cars to rent to any part of the country, through more than 40 travel agencies that are part of the company’s network.

Touring Rent Auto car fleet

Therefore, the most important services that we make available to you is obviously the rent-a-car service. As such, at national level, Touring Rent Auto enjoys the newest car fleet, out of which the most rented ones are: Opel Corsa, Opel Astra, Opel Insigna or Dacia Duster. If you choose to rent a car from Touring, you have the option to also benefit from a driver who speaks French or English.

Airport transfer service

Another major service that we are offering is the airport transfer service: from the city to the airport or from the airport to the city. Touring also has  the needed capacity to ensure transportation of groups of max. 8 persons. In case of outnumber groups, you always have the option to rent a minibus or even a motor coach on any route you like, no matter the length of the trip.

Car fleet for replacement

In case, by misfortune, your car gets broken and you urgently need a vehicle to move with, you can always turn with confidence to our car fleet for replacement. Such cars are meant to help the clients who wish to rent a car from Touring following an unexpected event.

City tours for tourists

An extremely interesting and important service that we are offering consists of city tours. This service is, first of all, addressed to the tourists who come to our country, and it consists of city tours, with or without touristic guide, both with 3-passenger cars and with 8-passenger or +50-passenger vehicles.

For more details about what Touring Rent Auto is offering, we invite you to trustingly visit the section of services on our website.