Operational leasing

Touring Rent Auto supplies rent-a-car services in operational leasing. Our program include a wide range of rent-a-car services: sedan cars renting, break cars renting, microbus renting, motor coach renting or 4×4 cars renting.

The operational leasing / long-term car rental solution is an integrated service that reflects in a fixed monthly instalment, which is completely deductible and that considers, for your favourite cars, an estimated number of kilometres to run and a period of time, without advance payment. This way, you may use the cars for an efficient cost, as long as your activity requires them.

Therefore, the clients are using the cars in a manner customized to the needs of relocation, without owning them and without the related bureaucratic processes of maintenance and management. Hence, the car fleet is new, without investing capital in purchasing it and without the issue of reselling it in the future. The monthly instalment is set-up at a fixed level throughout the contract, allowing for exact costs to be efficiently budgeted.

A car fleet management services package considerably limits the daily operations of your company. With just one contract, you could have the result you want for your daily activities related to cars, with a wide range of products and services provided by various suppliers.

Operational leasing advantages


Order, delivery and registration of the cars
Touring Rent Auto supplies consultancy in the selection of the car model, in advantageous conditions, as to remove the complicated procedures related to car order and delivery, dues payment and car registration. The car user should only receive the car at the set-up date, that is notified by the after-sales department.

We are maintaining cooperation relations with all new car importers. The big volume of vehicles purchased offers us better conditions to buy them, benefits that we then transfer to our clients.

Touring Rent Auto also helps you with:
– Placing and tracking the cars order.
– Coordination of the delivery process and maintaining contact with the importers.
– Take-over, control and payment of the acquisition invoices.
– Temporary and permanent car registration.

Touring Rent Auto is responsible for the Coordination and control of regular maintenance by maintaining permanent contact with the representations and, at the same time, for collection and payment of all service invoices.

More than that you gain from:
– Permanent control of the repair cost and preferential rates, negotiated with the service centres
– recommended regular service, for every related limit of kilometres
– easy estimate of all costs related to fleet maintenance. Since a fixed value will be paid, you are protected from the potential unforeseen maintenance costs.

Touring Rent Auto offers a replacement car within 48 hours if the car in use is immobilized because of needed repairs or theft.
In case of immobilization, the car driver should only call at Touring Rent Auto. The user will benefit from the best solution as to continue its activity.

The following are also supplied:
–Full Casco & civil liability insurances.
– If you drive outside the European Union territory, we are making you available the Green Card insurance.
– We issue insurance policies, we track and renew them for the period of car use.
– We pay the insurance premiums.
– We provide assistance to the driver in case of accident.
– We make available the damage management service.
– We schedule the car for regular maintenance and repairs, we control and track the status of the repairs in case of accident.
– We make the repair and control of the repair invoices.
– We are tracking the payments of the indemnities and we are maintaining the relation with the insurance company.

Operational leasing useful information

We are offering you the opportunity of the long-term rent-a-car service in the main cities in Romania. Our offers include car maintenance, civil liability and CASCO insurances, unlimited kilometres and replacement cars in case of accident or of any type of failure. For more details about the operational car leasing, you may contact the team by filling-in the form on the homepage or click the rent-a-car form.