Rent-a-car history

Although for most of Romanians the rent-a-car concept is pretty new, cars renting is being practiced for over one hundred years, far back as the period where the automobiles had become relatively accessible to the common citizens. Because not everyone completely knows what a rent-a-car company means, we specify that it handles cars renting to natural persons or juridical entities, generally, on short term. A rent-a-car company it is usually located near the airports or in the crowded cities, and the company clients are particularly simple people who wish to rent a car for a temporary period, tourists or persons being in a business trip.

Leased vehicles main story

As early as immemorial times, the horses and the wagons were the main rented vehicles. Due to the automobile was only invented in the XIX century, the first automobile was only rented in 1904. Back then, a bicycle store in the Minneapolis city, was advertising in the “Minneapolis Journal” that from that time (July 22nd) it will also rent its cars.

However, only in 1912 it is established the first company that is exclusively designed for the rent-a-car service. This company had a German origin and it was called Sixt, and, in the beginning, it only had available three cars to rent. Today, the company Sixt continues to exist and to operate in more than 100 countries of the Globe, having available approx. 220.000 cars to rent.

In 1916, the rent-a-car service also conquers the United States of America, where Joe Saunders gives birth to the first company of this kind, helping himself of a single automobile, Model T Ford. However, in 1917, his company already owned 18 such cars that could be rented in exchange of 10 cents per mile. Saunders’s business continued to grow and within just 9 years the company Saunders System extended in 56 American cities.

Car rental abroad

In the United Kingdom, the first rent-a-car service only appeared in 1920 and it was established by Godfrey Davis. His company also followed the road of success, and in 1981 it was bought by Europcar, a French company that also exists today and that in 2014 recorded incomes of approx. EUR 2 billion.

Today, the rent-a-car companies are extremely spread in the entire world and cover an extremely diversified range of services, from short-term or long-term renting services up to airport transfer services or operational leasing services. Such a company is also Touring Rent Auto, that is present in the Romanian market as early as 2001.