How to rent a car online

When your own car has a technical failure, it suffered a damage following an accident and the repairs are taking too much time or it is just not in hand in the city you are in, you will have to find a way to make your daily tasks and easily move. In cases of this kind the solution is to turn to renting a car from Touring Rent Auto and to opt for a car that can take you where you need, without divesting you o comfort.

If you are among such persons who are afraid that renting a car is a complicated procedure and, for such reason, you avoid it in favour of other solutions that are much more costly or troublesome (using taxi or walking), then it’s time you find out that a car could be rented extremely simple, by only taking a few steps and by making only transparent payments.

When you have decided that you need a rented car to move easily, the first thing you need to do is to turn to a serious company, with good recommendations and a generous fleet, as to have the certainty, right from the start, that you may choose what you wish for and that the services you are paying for will be at the highest standard.

Steps needed to rent a car

Filling-in the online form. The form is on the website’s home page and it has field for anything you wish to ask to the rent-a-car company (city, location, delivery / return date and hour, car class, driver extra option, child seat, snow chains, GPS, mobile router). Fill-in all the fields with accurate details and you will obtain the total renting price. Once the form is filled-in, it must be sent to be processed, following to be contacted by a consultant to complete the renting contract.

Contract signature. Before entering into car possession, either at the company headquarters or at the address where you have requested the car delivery, you must sign the renting contract, that certifies that you agree with the rent-a-car terms and conditions, as well as with the car made available.

Deposit payment. After all rent-a-car details have been set-up by common agreement with the agent, and after the contract signature, you will have to pay a deposit that stands for the client’s contribution / franchise to the Full Casco insurance, thus limiting the liability in case of an accident caused by your fault. This deposit, that varies with the chosen class, is only payable by card when you take over the car and it is released within a few business days (between 2 and 21) if the car is returned in the same technical and aesthetical conditions as it was when taken over.

Payment for car renting. Still at the time you are entering into car possession, you will also have to pay the total renting cost of the car, including the potential options.

Essential requirements for renting a car

– The minimum period for which you can rent the car is one day.

– The rented car must be returned in the same technical and aesthetical conditions.

– The minimum age of the person that could contract rent-a-car services is 21 years.

– The age of the driving licence must be not less than 12 months at the time of taking over the car.

It’s so easy! All you have to do is to take four steps to rent a car and don’t even have to move, Touring Rent Auto ensuring the car’s delivery within the shortest notice, anywhere you need, so that your plans are not delayed for the car’s absence.