How to safely rent a car

No matter the reasons that brought you to a rent-a-car company, before making the final decision both about the supplier and about the car, is it recommended that you ensure from all points of view that the chosen option is the wisest and it completely satisfies you.

Because the cases where the client is unhappy with the services made available are not rare (because such services do not match the initial description) or worse, the client is misled about essential rent-a-car details, you should learn from other’s mistakes and, when you find yourself in the situation of renting a car for personal use, you should know very well the details that you should pay to increased attention, as to safely rent a car.

The fact that Touring Rent Auto is in top rent-a-car companies, is not a coincidence. Our philosophy is focused on supplying a quality service, based on price, product and availability. We are enjoying an exquisite popularity among rent-a-car companies because we commit to deliver the cars in the right place, at the right time, and for the best price, fulfilling all the requirements needed to consider us the company that can provide you with rent-a-car services among the safest.

Details and transparency of the rent-a-car services

Price. When the price displayed is recommended to be the final one for renting, without other increments, except for the cases where it is you who ask for a service with additional cost, this is the first sign that the rent is secure, advantageous and without hidden cost.

Car condition. Pay great care to the facilities presented to you as „default” for a car. Check if the car is equipped with everything you need and, when you sign the contract, confront the contents of the signed paper to what you can physically see on the car, as to not sign for having received a complete service and then, to get the surprise that it is actually the half of it. In case you find discrepancies, that company loses its credibility right from the start and you should re-evaluate your option. Sign the contract only after the reality is shown in the papers and if the car is really in the condition that the papers say it is.

Presentation. We all know that a beautiful wrap catches the eye, although, in case of rent-a-car, do not let yourself captured by beautiful presentations of the cars but try to be as practical and inaccessible as you can be. After you have read on a website, let’s say, the company presentation and the descriptions of the company car offers, do not go on trust when taking over the car but check to see if the presentation read matches the reality.

Contract. Avoid any type of misunderstanding about the terms and conditions, by carefully reading the contract and, most of all, anything it is marked by an asterisk (*), for such texts usually specify hidden clauses or texts. The way that the contract is drafted also matters. Cleaner and simpler to understand, more transparent the company is. A contract of dozens of pages, that only contains academic phrasing, may also include traps! Only sign what you have fully understood and ask for explanations anywhere things seem ambiguous. Don’t forget, still regarding documents, before going on a ride with a rented car, you must have available all the documents of the rented car: the identity card and the insurance (Casco and civil liability insurance). A serious company fulfils all such requirements without being personally asked by the client.

Good name. The last on our list but not the latter, the good name may also guarantee for a certain security when renting a car. A well-known company, with expertise in the field and good reviews will not jeopardize its position to trick the clients but, to the contrary, it will seek to provide them with the most advantageous and quality services as to satisfy them, to make them recommend the company and to come back any time they will need a car.