Rent a car Romania

Touring Rent Auto proposes you a wide range of rent-a-car offers, meant to satisfy any and all preferences. With our rent-a-car offers we are suggesting the alternative of a cosy and safe travel for you.

The Touring Rent Auto fleet from which you may select your favourite car, is one of the newest and it benefits from renewal every two years, in such manner that our customers are always able to enjoy travels in the best conditions.

Just because we know that not only the transportation conditions but also the cost of such travel are important, we have designed offers for cars to rent from the economical class, 4×4 cars and luxury class cars for affordable prices:

Rent-a-car offers

For 15 €/day, you could spend your vacation in a sturdy and roomy car, that could provide you throughout your travel with all the comfort and safety you need.


For 19 €/day, you could benefit from a comfy car, equipped with high-end technologies for driver and passenger safety. This is ideal for in-city and inter-city travels, both for business and pleasure.


For 28 €/day, when renting a luxury car, that is cosy and has all facilities included for you to have the most enjoyable and relaxing trip.


For 34 €/day, you can have vivacious car with a powerful engine, tailored to any type of road due to 4×4 drive. Dacia Duster surprises in a pleasant manner with an increased cruise control thanks to the optimized fuel consumption.


Rent-a-car useful information

Within all rent-a-car offers, the prices are expressed in EUR/day and include standard CASCO insurance, civil liability insurance, unlimited kilometres and VAT. If you would like to find out more about our rent-a-car offer, please contact us here.