Touring Rent Auto has the ideal solution for you, no matter the needs you have from a rented car. As you will see, the services made available to you cover a wide range of needs in the passenger transportation field. We are able to deliver cars to rent anywhere in the country thanks to the network of more than 40 travel agencies Eurolines in Romania, as well as directly, to any place you wish.

Rent-a-car services offers

Rent-a-car without driver – Touring Rent Auto offers for renting without driver a wide range of cars, such as: Opel Corsa, Opel Astra, Opel Insignia or Dacia Duster.

Rent-a-car with driver – Upon request, the rented car may be accompanied by a driver who holds a good command of English or French and who may stay available to the client.

Airport transfer – Touring Rent Auto makes transfers from the city to the airport and from the airport to the city or in between any other two locations. We can make available vehicles for transportation of max. 8 individuals. For more details, please visit our airport transfer page.

Minibus and motor-coach renting – For large groups, you may rent a minibus or a motor-coach, independently of the length of the route to run.

Replacement cars – There are cases where one or more cars you own are unavailable for various reasons: accident, technical issues, etc. In such cases, the need for a replacement car arises, and our company is able to provide you such car, along with the needed road assistance. Refer to such service trustingly and you will make certain of its usefulness.

City tours – For the tourists visiting our country, we may offer city tours, with or without tourist guide, both with 3-passenger vehicles and with 8-passenger minibuses or motor-coaches exceeding 50 places. The tours could be tailored to the client’s request.

Buy-Back – In a wide sense, Buy-Back means the operation of replacement of the old vehicle by a new one, through a specialized company. Touring Rent Auto  provides this service to the legal entities wishing to renew their car fleet or to optimize their transportation cost by outsourcing it.
The system is as simple as it can be: Touring Rent Auto takes over your car, for a commonly agreed value, and the relevant amount shall represent the advance for the new rent-a-car services supply agreement.
The novelty is that from us, depending on the price, you may opt for renting new cars as well as for renting cars already available in the fleet and that, obviously, will be offered for much advantageous prices.

Rent-a-Car subscription – The rent-a-car subscription is a relatively new product in the Romanian car market. We may see it as a client prepaid renting service. It is addressed to legal entities holding their own fleet, but that throughout the year need to rent a car to replace the cars becoming unavailable of their own fleet, or to replace the fleet for a determine period. The specificity of this product consists of the fact that a client, following its forecasts, pays in advance, at the beginning of the year, for a number of renting days that it may use at any time during the year. It is obvious that this being a prepaid service, the acquisition cost is significantly lower. Due to this products shows great flexibility, please do not hesitate to contact us for a tailored offer.

Long-term car rental – An alternative to operational leasing is long-term rent-a-car. Therefore, Touring Rent Auto offers a complete range of services, including car maintenance, Casco and civil liability insurances, replacement car in case of accident or failure. This way, you have the opportunity to cover all the needs of your company without committing to the responsibility of having your own fleet. As an alternative to operational leasing, long-term rent-a-car service allows or using vehicles of various categories. Hence, you will be able to manage the transportation cost easier and more exactly, due to the services package includes insurances, technical maintenance, spare tyres, etc.

The great advantage of this product is also the fact that our company, to welcome the client’s needs, is open to purchase from the client his old cars to replace them by others, that are newer. This way, the client permanently benefits from a functional car fleet, ensuring a constant fluency in the deployment of his activity.

Advantages of long-term rent-a-car

– Possibility to contract shorter renting period than in the case of leasing.
– Possibility to contract the service with zero advance.
– Replacement car in case of accident or failure.
– 24h/24h dispatch centre and traffic assistance.
– Complete accountancy discount for this type of expense.

Rent-a-car useful information

Touring Rent Auto does NOT guarantee for booking a certain car brand or car type, but only the class that the relevant car belongs to. For more details about the car bookings within our rent-a-car booking program, please contact us here.