Terms and conditions


Minimum renting period: 2 days / 48 hours.
The first hour of delay is free of charge. After 1 hour, one day of rent shall be invoiced.
Not more than 2 (two) additional drivers are allowed.
The fuel is not included in the price.
The cars must be returned by the clients in the same technical and aesthetical conditions and with the same level of fuel that they were taken over.
Minimum driver age: 21 years old.
Minimum age of the driving licence: 12 months
Deposit payment: the deposit represents the client’s franchise to the FULL CASCO insurance contract and it protects the client against the potential damages caused to the car for the client’s fault.
The deposit’s value ranges from EUR 300 to EUR 1000, depending on the booked car class. The deposit could only be paid by credit card and only when the car is taken over.

The deposit payment is mandatory for any renting period.
The deposit is returned:
• if the car is returned in the delivery conditions,
• if the car shows damages caused by another road user (the client’s honesty shall be proven by the accident protocol issued by the relevant authorities).

II. pricing

To the rent-a-car prices, potential additional fees may be added, such as:
– Extra office: EUR 10 per delivery and EUR 10 per pick-up;
– Extra hours: EUR 5 (if the delivery or pick-up is outside the working hours. The working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00);
– Airport duty: EUR 15 for delivery and EUR 15 for return;
– One Way tax (the return city is different from the delivery city): EUR 50;
– Additional driver: EUR 15 / driver (no matter the renting period);
– Child seat: EUR 15 (no matter the renting period);
– Snow chains: EUR 15 (no matter the renting period);
– Winter tyres: EUR 15 (no matter the renting period);
– GPS: EUR 6 / day (requested deposit of EUR 100);
For deliveries to other cities than Bucharest, a dislocation fee could apply if there is no car located in that city at the delivery date.
For renting periods longer than 30 days, please contact us for a tailored offer.
The prices include: CASCO insurance; civil liability insurance, unlimited kilometres; VAT.
The prices exclude: the fuel.
For rent-a-car with driver, an additional price of EUR 40 / 8 hours applies.
Every additional hour will be invoiced against EUR 15 / hour; the prices include VAT.
In case the keys and/or the documents or the registration plates of the rented car are lost, the equivalent of EUR 150 will be retained from the deposit.


To make a booking, you may use the module of the first page or you may contact us at tel. +4-021.316.58.56 / 316.58.55 or e-mail: reservation@touringrentauto.ro
In this case, your application must include the following details:
• Car type (class);
• Exact period of renting;
• Hour and place of car delivery;
• Name and surname of the client, name and surname of the driver (if other than the client);
• The number of drivers to drive the car (NOTE: it is good to know that, if an accident occurs in the renting period, and behind the driving wheel stands a driver undeclared in the beginning of the renting period, the client must pay the entire amount of repair works);
• payment conditions (cash, payment order, credit card);
• payment currency (RON, EUR).


Booking cancellation may be performed by minimum 48 hours before renting starts. Otherwise, the price for one day of the renting period shall be retained and collected. For other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at reservation@touringrentauto.ro